Tuesday, October 5, 2010

nearly midnight adventures

so i come home from work last night and had a discussion with hubby as to how many calories are in the beers he was drinking (he's trying to lose weight) and after a breif discussion i decided to look it up, needless to say it was a lot

...so i tell hubby thats probably more than a hamburger and proceed to look up the calories for mcdonalds burgers, and come to find out he could of ate a big mac!

...then i get the bright idea that i want a big mac so we drive to THREE different mcdonalds at 11:30pm till we found one open
...i probably should have seen that as a sing that i sure as heck didnt need a big mac at 11:30...but it sure was delicious


L A C E Y said...

haha, sounds like something i would do!

Megan said...

Haha I love this story - I would take a big mac over a beer anyday!