Friday, June 12, 2009

what ive been doing instead of blogging

1. watching our favorite shows (most recently: so you think you can dance, bones, the tudors, greek, whatever martha, the biggest loser, charmed...)

2. untangling yarn (see above)  

3. crocheting with said yarn (and others)

4. taking a class (in summer!)

5. photographing for said class (pics coming soon)

6. wondering when summer is gonna start feeling like summer (what is with this weather california?)

7. getting my first passport (so excited for mexico!)

8. eating a lot (mostly junk)

9. trying to convince myself to go to the gym (unsuccessfully)

10. and reading all of your wonderful blogs! (yet not posting on my own)

there you go 10 reasons why i havent been blogging, hopfully it will pick up soon

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