Tuesday, May 12, 2009

for the love of martha?

every now and then we get an extra channel that will be availabel for a while then go away...right now its my current fav, the style network (though it was much better circa 2004-2006)

anyway, we had the fine living network for a while where i discovered my new favorite show...

...Whatever, Martha?!!!!!

it is probably the funniest show i have ever seen! if you havent seen it you should really check it out (there are a couple segments on youtube)
My mother, sister, and i looked forward to it every week! and when they had to tape it for me cause i had class we would watch the tape over and over because it was so funny!

if you dont know the concept of the show basically martha's daughter and friend watch segments of martha stewart living and comment about every thing from what martha is wearing to what they presume her to be thinking and much more...it's hysterical i swear!

one episode they watched a segment of martha making a caesar salad...it looked delicious so baby sis and i gave it a try one night
i found the recipe online and it was quite delicious... the only thing we didnt do was make our own croutons, we were going to but we were too hungry to wait so we bought some fresh made at whole foods and figured it was close enough

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