Friday, April 17, 2009

who do i look like?

everyone always has those one or two famous people that they have been told they look like
when i was little i was told i looked like Drew Barrymore in ET...i dont see it really
when i was in Jr. High the charles angels movies were popular and i got told again by different people that i looked like mom thought it was just the way i did my hair (i couldnt find one where she had those loose curls she wore at the time of one of the movies) but i figured if it wasnt just one when i was little with blond hair, maybe it was true?
and then when i was searching for these pictures i found this one of Drew and somewhere i have a picture of me from this kid id thing and i look exactly like this...ok maybe not exactly...but pretty similar
a photography friend of mine was doing a project on old movie stars last year and our professor was great at decided what old movie stars people in the class looked like.  seriously she was really good. she would look at you for like 2 seconds and then say a name and when we looked it up on line you could totally see it.  anyway she said i looked like Sandra Dee.  we seriously have the exact same face shape.  and there are other pictures where she looks more like me, but this is my favorite of her
But my friend really wanted to use me for Kim Novak in vertigo and she thought i looked pretty close to her too
Corrine Hall Photography 

and here's the picture! it looks a little weird on is much better in print! we also had to darken my eyebrows and lighten my face to look more like her, but i think it worked pretty well (though i did need to get my roots touched up!)


sunshine said...

watch everafter and the scene where drew as Cinderella said something to the effect of just breath then poss frame and look at your photo the bottom one yep you look like her it is your mouth and eyes that are similar to hers and your jaw line

Kay said...

I can see the resemblance! Really good photo


that is the coolest! i see the drew and the sandra dee(could there be a bigger personality difference)? what a fun posting. look forward to reading more!

Grammie said...

Do you think Kim Novak was a Gardner, you guys have the same chin.

Grammie said...

Oh, and that picture of young Drew with her teath coming in resembles your second grade picture, your hair is longer though.