Monday, August 18, 2008

vintage globes, olympians, and mermaids, oh my!

i saw this post and knew i had to get a vintage globe the next time i saw one...and on saturday when when i was at the swap meet (at 7am...but thats another story) i saw this wonderful gem!  The guy wanted $10 for it but i only had $6 and he took it and now its mine!
Its going to look so great on my desk when its finished! Just look at the detail on the metal! lovely! and its already come in handy...the day i got it some olympian from tunisia won a gold medal and i whipped out my globe so my sister could see where that was
And speaking of olympians, lets talk about Michael Phelphs, who is pretty much the only reason i watch swimming...hes just amazing! and so cute!
And EIGHT gold medals in a single olympics, beating out Mark Spitz (who, by the way, trained at the country club that we would have our end of the year swim parties at in elementary school) AMAZING!
And i cant talk about the olympics without talking about gymnastics, which has to be my favorite olympic sport by far!  Ever since i was 9 and watched the US women win the gold i was hooked...i totally wanted to be Dominique Moceanu!
And the outfits this year were so cute! Those girls totally have on the right color for there skin-tone (though the pink wasnt as peptobismally on my tv screen) 
And why do i leave you with mermaids?  Not because i absolutly LOVE this Disney starts series, not because this picture was taken by Annie Leibovitz who i totally want to be, and not because i have some weird fascination with its because that merman upfront is Michael Phelps! so cool!