Thursday, May 15, 2008

my new (old) project

so i started this dress in high school and never finished it. 
i based it off this dress which i am still in love with.  its from the movie uptown girls in the beginning when its her birthday.
i took a cheap dress from forever 21 that was a little big for me so i woud have something to work with.  i shortened the straps and rousched the sides.  i also took some curly strips that were attached to the front off and put them in the left strap.
all i could find at the time were these flowers which i like but are not gonna get some more stuff from here
i also have iridescent sequins and i might add some beads i have left over from another dress i "made"
no idea what ill use it for since its not like there are any proms in my future, maybe a photoshoot

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