Friday, May 23, 2008


i LOVE to shop! and i love to get deals!!! so when i stopped by my new favorite thrift store and found these treasures i was thrilled!
i am just in love with this little squirrel!  i think its supposed to be an ashtray, but i think smoking is icky and this guy is just way to cute to be collecting ashes!
not sure what ill use it for, but im sure ill find some baubles or something to put in there
i also got this sweet little swan, it think it would make a cute soap holder, but since i currently dont need one of those ill probably use it to hold my rings or earrings

ive been noticing lot of button bloggers such as this, this, and this, one, and now im one too...i wish i could have bought more, but i feel it is often important to restrain myself, but i did grab a few that grabbed me
apparently im drawn to crests and other ornate ones
as well as sweet and sparkly surprise there...(doesnt that top one look like a little tiny plate! in love!)


elizabeth said...

squirrel! I never find squirrels or deer in my thrifting and they're my most sought after items. great find!

Anonymous said...

I love random buttons! I collected lots of little flower ones and random car ones but then somewhere in the first move (last May) I misplaced them all so now I need to start a new collection lol.

Well for now it can just be pictures of buttons

Celestial Freak said...

The buttons are great! And I'd use the squirrel dish to hold a small amount of potpourri in the bathroom.

Oh, Hi by the way. I'm Celestial Freak from swap-bot.

Amanda said...

the potpourri is a good idea...thanks!