Monday, March 24, 2008

success at last!

third time really is the charm
I saw this pattern somewhere online, i think it was some blog i had hopped to, and absolutely fell in L-O-V-E with it.  so frilly and girly and amazing! so totally me, and that pink is TO DIE for, if i could buy that dress shes wearing i would!

so i immediately search ebay because you can find anything there and...VOLIA! there it was! i was so excited, but when ending time came around i was greatly disappointed, but that is the nature of ebay.  

so again i searched and searched ebay for days, maybe weeks, and then finally i found it again.  this time i was a bit more proactive i was watching it till the very end, refreshing the page every second (or as fast as the computer would refresh) and i was winning and winning and someone sniped me right at the very end, and i didnt have time to respond.

Finally i found it again the other day, and this time i meant business.  i had two windows open one where i had placed my highest bid but not yet hit confirm another where i was refreshing the page and at about 5 secs left BAM! i hit confirm and won! it was amazing! 

now i have to sew it...

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