Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hannah blue eyes

So much for picture of the day...but in my defense, last week was probably the busiest week ive had in a long long LONG im gonna try to make it up to you.  here's my little model in the making, maybe we'll make each other famous
These trees are so pretty, only a photographer could find this little spot in the parking lot at longs and think "i should take a picture there" ...this was one of maybe 2 shots that actually worked :)
Speaking of finding little spots this rock looks like some exotic place to me when its really just at the park across the street from my house
How old does she look in that last pic!!! what kind of 10 yr. old looks like that? Apparently my baby sister does...crazy, i looked like a real 10 yr. old when i was her age

There are actually some better ones than these but they need to be worked on a bit so there will most likely be more to come.

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