Thursday, February 21, 2008

yummy yummy corn bread muffins!

(and the picture of the day*see bottom)
so i LOVE corn bread muffins, and the best part about them is the WONDERFUL vintagey looking box it comes much cooler than all the other muffin and cupcake boxes...i such a little kid...choosing the food based on the box, but these really are amazing!

And for the picture of the day...ta da the corn bread muffins!  

The reason they are glossy looking is cause i put a sugar glaze on the ones in the picture.  why? you ask...because

A. im big on sweets, but more importantly
B. i am first and foremost a photographer, and they were so much more photogenic (if muffins can be photogenic) this way

*as for the picture of the day, this is a very daunting task, but im trying to challenge myself, i was going to do pic of the week, but hopefully this will get me started on all the work i have to do because between all of my classes i should have like 50 pictures of the day, and i think im ready for a chllange...we'll see...

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